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Thinking about selling your car and wondering how to make it stand out in the ads?

When looking at car ads, it is evident that if the photos show a dirty and badly cared for car, the ad will not drag our attention, even if is a good offer it is unlikely that we would buy such car. 


On the other hand, if we see a nice cleaned car, shiny and well-cared, the ad will steal our attention in the same moment, awakening the desire to buy it.


That’s our intention with the Pre-sale Detailing package, to awaken the desire on the possible future buyer and most likely increase the value of your ride.


​Considering this scenario, we, from ShinyRoo, created a package that offers in & out cleaning, restoring the shine of the paint and giving the engine bay some TLC , resulting in an improvement on the overall look of your car to the best possible condition.

Mercedes a250 detailed

What we'll do

  • Int​erior complete vacuumed including boot.

  • All surfaces as dashboards and consoles thoroughly cleaned and dressed.

  • Seats and carpets steam cleaned / shampooed.

  • Windows cleaned.

  • Outside foam wash, rinse and dry.

  • Wheels, tyres and wheel arches fully cleaned.

  • Wipe down door jambs.

  • Paint decontamination with iron remover and clay bar.

  • One stage machine polishing to remove light scratches. 

  • Sealant applied up to 6 months protection.

  • Engine bay detail.

Prices from $750

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