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Hi, I’m Victor, owner and operator of Shinyroo Car Detailing. In 2021, after the pandemic, I decided to put my career as engineer aside and live from my passion.


Since I was a kid, I always loved cars and things related. I used to wake up early every Sunday to watch the Formula 1 with my dad and every time we went out, I used to point at every single car on the street, saying their makes and models. I grew up and forgot about this passion being busy with college and work stuff. But it never died completely inside me, and I was always looking after my car and family cars with the tools and information I had access to.


It was after moving to Australia, that I realised I wasn’t happy with the way my life was going professionally, and I decided to change. This flame lighted up again inside me, and I thought "why not live from my passion about cars?". And so I did. I attended to a training course to specialize in paint corrections and ceramic coatings and here I am now! Doing what I love and doing my best to make my clients happy.

Victor Shinyroo owner
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