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How about getting your car shiny and glossy as a brand new car, without spending heaps of money to repaint it?

Over time most of the car’s paint goes from shiny to dull. This happens because every kind of contact your paint receives generates small scratches. This can be caused by improper washes, scrubbing hands on the paint or people lining on the vehicle.

Paint correction is a process that uses different types of compounds, polishes, pads, machines and techniques to remove scratches, swirl marks and any imperfection from your paint, bringing back the natural shine and lust from a brand new car.

The cost of a paint correction is only a small portion of getting your car repainted, and also needs less time (usually 2 days of work) than repainting it.

Paint correction is highly dependent on the type of vehicle you have, the condition it’s in, the type of paint you have, and of course, the results that you’re looking to get. 

If you want to dramatically increase your car’s shine like a brand new one click on the button below to get a quote or ask any existing question.

Personalised service according to your needs

PAINT ENHANCEMENT | Single stage polish to remove minor scratches and swirl marks. Removes around 60% of defects.


PAINT CORRECTION | Multiple stage polish to remove deeper scratches and swirl marks. Removes around 80-90% of defects


  • Outside foam wash, rinse and dry.

  • Wheels, tyres and wheel arches fully cleaned.

  • Tyres dressed

  • Paint decontamination with iron remover and clay bar.

  • Layer of protection up to 6 months.

Prices from $500

before and after paint correction


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