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ShinyRoo is specialized in paint correction, ceramic coatings and premium detailing services. With high attention to detail, we are known to be breath-taken when showing the results made on the cars. Committed to customer satisfaction, our priority is always to provide you the best experience possible.

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Melissa K.

ShinyRoo did such an amazing job on our GV70. We got the ceramic coating package and we must say the car looked even better than when we picked it up brand new from the auto dealer. Victor was so easy to deal with and detailed with his explanation of the work to be completed. My husband and I were incredibly impressed with his dedication and enthusiasm in his work. Thank you Victor and the team for the wonderful work. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Z.

I had my car detailed- paint correction and ceramic coating. Victor's attention to detail, knowledge, and skills are superb 👌🏽. He transformed my car that had so many swirl marks into a completely new one- glossy, lacquered and absolutely stunning. Victor is your go-to guy for making your car shiny again. I'm so stoked, thank you so much Victor!! 🙏🏽🙌🏼 

Jihad M.

Victor is a highly skilled and devoted professional. I’ve used his service to get my car ready for sale and have chosen the full package. Amazing job on the interior, exterior, polish and engine cleaning. The car looked like new!! Definitely recommended

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