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Welcome to Shinyroo Car Detailing, Sydney's premier destination for superior car detailing and cutting-edge ceramic coatings.

At Shinyroo, we believe that your car deserves the best. Our mission is to provide you with unrivaled service, ensuring that your beloved vehicle receives the attention it deserves. With our team of skilled professionals, we take car detailing to the next level.

Our specialty lies in the application of self-healing ceramic coatings. Imagine a world where scratches and swirl marks vanish like magic. Our self-healing coatings are designed to restore your car's paintwork, effortlessly repairing minor scratches with just a touch of heat. Your car will stay looking pristine, no matter what the road throws at it.

We pride ourselves not only on our exceptional craftsmanship but also on our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team is committed to providing you with a high standard of service that goes above and beyond your expectations. We treat your car with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that it leaves our shop in flawless condition.

Conveniently located in the Rockdale area of southern Sydney, our physical store welcomes you to experience our professionalism firsthand. Step inside our state-of-the-art facility, where our experts use the latest techniques and premium products to transform your vehicle into a masterpiece.

Whether you're searching for the best ceramic coating in Sydney, looking for superior ceramic paint protection, or aiming to protect your investment with the top ceramic coating, Shinyroo Car Detailing has you covered. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality ensure that your car will always look its best.

Browse through our website to explore our services, view our gallery of stunning transformations, and read testimonials from our satisfied customers. When you're ready to take your car to the next level, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. We can't wait to give your car the shine it deserves.

Choose Shinyroo Car Detailing for excellence in car care. Trust us to protect and enhance your investment. Your journey to automotive perfection starts here.

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Melissa K.

ShinyRoo did such an amazing job on our GV70. We got the ceramic coating package and we must say the car looked even better than when we picked it up brand new from the auto dealer. Victor was so easy to deal with and detailed with his explanation of the work to be completed. My husband and I were incredibly impressed with his dedication and enthusiasm in his work. Thank you Victor and the team for the wonderful work. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Z.

I had my car detailed- paint correction and ceramic coating. Victor's attention to detail, knowledge, and skills are superb 👌🏽. He transformed my car that had so many swirl marks into a completely new one- glossy, lacquered and absolutely stunning. Victor is your go-to guy for making your car shiny again. I'm so stoked, thank you so much Victor!! 🙏🏽🙌🏼 

Jihad M.

Victor is a highly skilled and devoted professional. I’ve used his service to get my car ready for sale and have chosen the full package. Amazing job on the interior, exterior, polish and engine cleaning. The car looked like new!! Definitely recommended

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